Greenville Revitalization Corporation Receives Grant from CertusBank

Greenville, SC - The Greenville Revitalization Corporation (GRC) announced today that it has received a grant from CertusBank as seed money to establish its presence in the Greenville Community.   GRC is a non-profit corporation established by the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA) to assist with its economic development efforts in the Poinsett Corridor and throughout the "Textile Crescent" of Greenville County.

Joe Erwin, GRC Board Chair stated:  "This is a great investment in Greenville County by a partner who has already shown itself to be a bank that is going to be a factor in the community.  When the Redevelopment Authority established our corporation it provided us with a grant to get started.  We have now received our tax exempt status from the IRS and are ready to put together our organization.  The fact that CertusBank has recognized our potential and provided additional funding places us another step closer to becoming a factor in the development of the Poinsett Corridor and beyond."

Walter Davis, Co-CEO of CertusBank said:  "Greenville is a vibrant community that we are proud to say is our home.  One of the areas with terrific need and potential is the Poinsett Corridor and the former textile mill communities in the northwestern portion of the County.  The fact that GCRA has already invested in this long neglected area by demolishing the old Piedmont Shirt Factory and establishing the Revitalization Corporation to redevelop the property shows initiative that needed to be rewarded.  CertusBank is happy to become a partner in this worthy and exciting effort."

The GRC hopes to use the funding to establish its website and begin developing its database so that it can assist with projects throughout the area. Martin Livingston, Executive Director of GCRA and initial CEO for GRC stated: "We are in the process of seeking seed money from several organizations, but CertusBank is the first to step up and we will be forever grateful.  We hope to thank them and our other supporters by bringing economic life to the Poinsett Corridor and the Textile Crescent."

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